KC Family-Owned marketing firm.

Why us?

We conduct all business with results and communication as our first priorities.

Our firm is built on integrity. With over two decades of small business leadership experience Treasure's owners Samuel Noel and Jessica Liberty set out to build a marketing company that does the work they are hired to do. We witnessed time and time again marketing companies who would come in and make promises and create scopes that went well beyond what they were actually committed to performing. This left these companies out on cash and with no additional marketing value added.

Samuel's background in sales showed him that if someone could take the black and white approach and standard of sales and implement them into the marketing industry they could make a splash. Jessica's background in administration and management showed her that if a company could just communicate clearly and openly they could set themselves shoulders above their competitors in the marketing area. No industry is more results oriented than the commercial real estate industry. With these components and observations combined, we set out to start Treasure Advertising.

Our culture

Our purpose is to build impactful businesses and meaningful relationships.

We want to be contributors. Every single week we meet a business owner that has had a painful experience with a marketing firm over-promising and under-delivering. We have seen it even go to the extent of these companies not doing any of the work at all. Every morning our team wakes up with the motivation to help our clients build something meaningful.

“Digital marketing should be the last concern of the CRE leaders in KC. We want to be that trusted partner they can hand things off to and not have to worry about it getting taken care of every again. These business leaders should be able to focus on what they are doing which is building our city, filling our city, and attracting top investors to our city."

At the end of the day, no one can do this thing alone. We believe that quality relationships are the cornerstone to successful businesses. Being a family-owned business (brother and sister) we named the company Treasure after a phrase our mother said growing up. "People are our treasure." She raised us to love people through every season and treat people the way we would want to be treated. This value has brought us much success in business and we are excited to continue our growth.

Meet Our Team

The faces behind
Treasure Advertising

Samuel Noel
Jessica Liberty
Evan Isom
Director of Video
Amy Ross
Director of Content & Design
Jace Webster
Maddie Sorell
Content Creator
Years of experience in marketing and production
Successfully completed projects
Hours of drone and camera production time
5 Star
Reviews across the board in digital marketing

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